Psychologically: Sausage often shows as a phallic symbol sexual needs. Universal deals they with a materialist life setting which one should correct. If one consumes them, one nice, but superficial acquaintance gives notice in. Popular: (arab).: see: you will soon visit a public festival, make: you well provide for your house being, - also: you get an amount of money, shop: you need a mental strengthening, eat: his stomach amuse, - you wait for the fulfilment of a wish, - also: you are too uninterested towards your loves and your matters. (16, - 74) (European ones).: promises toils, virtually in the sweat of yours In view of you should eat your bread, - domestic difficulties often by bad health, see or eat: if brings an attractive acquaintance which is without every intrinsic value small sausages produce: one will be successful in many respects, small sausages eat: one will have a modest, but pleasant home. (ind).: see: is not so condescendingly to others, eat: you can talk from luck that you have not lost everything, stinking: you should visit for a long time a doctor, make: you can be contented with your existence.