Association: - A part of the whole building. Question: - Which interests of themselves have I taken in possession? Psychologically: Symbol of own area of life, the clear individual order, security and security. Psychologically: - Which interests of themselves have I taken in possession? Who covers a nice new flat in the dream, can count on a pleasing change of his living conditions. If the flat is, however, a miserable rundown place, we suffer in the awake life possibly from an illness or have arrived in our interpersonal relations on the zero. Popular: (arab).: consider: you think of the marriage, own a nice one: indicates at a pleasing future, leave: heavy quarrel in the marriage, change: you have the need for change not only in the lifestyle, but also in the professional inclinations. (European ones).: like room or house to understand: the flat is one himself, - ostensible improvement of the relations, is in his own or they see: one will feel with another like at home, own a nice one: the future looks extremely pleasing, own do not find: one will lose the faith in the good in the person, none has: one will be unlucky in many things or lie wrong with decisions, change the flat: hectic action and hasty trips will come up to one, see a foreign one or in it being: if a big change mostly tells in, - at home uncomfortable days on come up, rent one: if promises an improvement of the situation, see for man, one with many open doors: symbolises different women's relations, for man, one with a lot of wood equipped ones see: this man longs for a rather motherly woman, If a young woman her flat leaves, this means that is rushed against them and lies about one are spread. (ind).: have nice, spacious ones: you will come by cleverness to success, poorly and limited: you will not be able to get ahead in spite of the best will, rent: Toils, look: a change prepares. (See also