Psychologically: The pub seems in many fairy tales, is there, however, always a rather adventurous, dubious place, also the landlord is mostly a rather dubious shape. The dreaming often experiences if he comes in the dream into a pub, surprises. It is a dream symbol for changes. The economy is the male place of the relaxation. She symbolises the end of work and the relaxation as a dream symbol. At the level of the dream symbolism the economy shows the male place of the relaxation and the cafe the female place of the relaxation. Popular: (arab).: see: you can be thrilled to the waste, - losses, visit: trust in future every person, leave: to you it becomes a well-being. (European ones).: announces grief and losses. (ind).: see: to you your sense stands after the distance, visit: you waste your time. (See also alcohol, friends, inn, bar, music, restaurant, landlord)