Association: - By virtue of the movement, - stimulating strength. Question: - Which powerful thoughts move me? In general: As a dream symbol she can stand for the right use of resources. Because wind symbolises the mind, the windmill stands for the right use of the intellectual abilities. Psychologically: The windmill is a picture for the harvest of the fruits of human work. Because it is also a camp for seeds in certain manner, it can represent in the dream the female or the mother. Spiritually: The windmill shows many facets of the spiritual intellect which finds out suggestion again by own spiritual forces. Popular: (arab).: two see general: one will be soon got involved in the conflict of two people, - one should strive to seize for none of both parties, see one: your occupation gives to you pleasure, in way: you are fond of work, - a good progress in the professional life, - also: if the reminder also contains to strive forward by continual diligence and work instead of by recklessness, standing still: you are sluggish, - stagnation in the shops, against wind wing to begin is not advisable. (European ones).: see: tells unsafe relations in, - some profit, however, only of smaller kind, - warns about recklessness, because now help only diligence and perseverance, with turning wings see: refers to growing wealth and satisfaction, defective or standing still ones: points to unexpectedly breaking need, windmill wings, by them or a M├╝hlrad are grasped: if a serious relationship tells in. (ind).: you can reach by diligence a lot. (See also 'mill')