Association: - Meeting with unrecognized aspects. Question: - Which part of my past is I to be remembered ready? Popular: (European ones).: a favorable sign. (See also passion) Cradle In general: A dream of a cradle can show a new life or a new beginning. In a clairvoyant's broad dream the cradle stands for a possible pregnancy. In the dream of a man she can also symbolise the wish to return in the mother's lap or in a protected state. Cradle often contains the warning of too much trust, - one is lulled to sleep, rocked in security, although care and mistrust are right. Psychologically: An empty cradle can show - depending on the remaining dream elements - the fear of a woman of childlessness or maternity. This vision sometimes indicates that for us a rather happy time begins in which we are able to do ourselves by possible difficulties properly durchschaukeln. If a baby lies in the cradle, we should estimate the security which improves presently the life to us. Spiritually: The material body is sometimes shown in contrast to spiritual as a cradle. Popular: (arab).: of the side see, for married: a child get, - for single: quick marriage, empties see: the plans cannot be realised easily, with a child swing in it: your family will soon increase around a member, - also: one will be recompensed for his achievements. (European ones).: see a new unused one: Single ones could soon marry, empties see which is used: if a glad family event tells in, also long lifetime, see an orphan one: approaching misfortune, probably by illness, with a loud baby see: one is embarassed by somebody and is not able to quieten him, with a petite child: if wealth and the affection of nice children, promises, moreover swing own child in the cradle: if means a heavy illness of members of the family, with a young woman is the swings of a cradle synonymous with evil. Watch out for gossip. (ind).: see: you should not trade unthinkingly, - for single quick marriage, for married quick child baptism, swing: sleepless nights.