Islamic Interpretation of Dreams (Ibn-i Sirin):

If one sees himself as a prisoner being sold in a slave market in a dream, it means honor if the buyer is a woman, and difficulties if the buyer is a man.

The higher the price he is auctioned for, the better or worse is his luck.

In a dream, the more loss the buyer incurs, the better it is for the traded subject and viceversa.

There is also a difference between seeing oneself being auctioned and being sold. Being auctioned in a dream means evil.

To sell means to part with.

In a dream, the buyer is the seller and the seller is a buyer.

Selling means giving preference and value to the merchandise.

Ifwhat is being sold is worldly, the preference is then given to one’s benefits in the hereafter.

Selling in a dream also means exchanging one condition with another. However, bartering in a dream means to exchange the benefit of things, or to share them.lffor example one sees himself in a dream trading something of no value for something precious, and if he is a warrior, it means that he will die as a martyr.

Selling a free man in a dream means rotation of power and reaching a praiseworthy end.

As it happened in the story of Joseph son of Jacob, upon both of them be peace.

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