Association: - Competition, - rivalry. Question: - What is my aim? What escapes me by my haste? In general: Points to the quickly trickling away time, on the constant race after success and recognition with which only a few can gain the big price. Psychologically: A dreamt race refers almost always to a professional competition. It is not only about profit and loss, but above all also about prestige and the increase possibility for own value. Popular: (arab).: see race: you will surpass your competitors, - also: you would have to exert yourself more, otherwise you have losses, race: it is about the last, exerts you, take part in a race: one should take before premature and hasty decisions in eight, because they can affect with lasting effect the whole life, - also: a competitor want to switch off, win a race: one will have to assert himself it in the life always hard, lose a race: one should pin up his aims not to. (European ones).: on horseback: big disappointment, on foot: pleasing success, see race: one will achieve a certain aim, take part in race: the next time will show that not everything is accessible at what one aims. (ind).: you hard makes progress.