Psychologically: Bet (n) indicates a risk which one exactly cannot calculate, - one should check carefully whether one wants to enter it, and before the possible consequences of a failure visualise. Popular: (arab).: win: you will gain unexpected success, - have luck in play, lose: you will do a false clutch in a property thing, - also in reality threaten considerable financial losses, come: Do not get involved in risqué speculations, the risk is too big. Do not do it. (pers).: Being the dreaming in a bet involves, his social position will change. In this case the sign recommends special attention during the following days. If he observes, however, other with a bet, this one warning explains before envious people in his surroundings. (European ones).: are based on carelessness and always entail misfortune, - one estimates a thing wrong, it would be better to be pulled up one adviser, conclude: one will get involved in an unsafe thing, - also: one will speed up with dishonest means his plans, none can conclude: one will be discouraged by adverse circumstances, win: an unsafe thing will fail, - also: one will have the luck again on the side, lose: with an unsafe thing one will have undeserved luck, - also: one will find out by base people in the sphere wrong, bet with running around money: one should not take part in new enterprises, - enemies try to deflect your attention of honest shops, at the play table place: means that one wants to unbutton money to you by immoral means. (ind).: win: watch out for losses, lose: Profit stands to you in the house. (See also to plays)