Psychologically: As a result the change as a vision indicates that you should change something. They should just change, invest, for example, in future in another project. Popular: (arab).: sign: heavy worries, agree: Suspicion and annoyance, tear: Freeing from all need. (European ones).: in trade and shops: means good trend of affairs, cannot redeem: the shops suffer a decline, change shops make: come to financial embarrassments, change money: announces profitable business in all branches, Dreaming a young woman, them would exchange the lover with her friend, she should understand this as a good advice that she would be happier with another man. (ind).: see: one wants to rule over you, resists you, go to ruin: Work is well recompensed, pay: good trend of affairs, exhibit: you are careless, cannot pay: you will get in debts, change: is not so careless, change money: you are prodigal.