Psychologically: If one takes part in the dream in a pilgrimage, one is determined in the awake life to achieve an aim with others which gives an understanding emotionally of everybody to each other. Popular: (arab).: see or in it take part: your religious sense will find consolation in the suffering, - also: one should put into action his good intentions so quickly as possible, - also: you will find a higher Gönner and assistant, - if on occasion seen: one will try hard in vain to make up for a committed mistake, see themselves on one: your intentions and plans are good, however, can be realised only with perseverance. Also unselfishness is necessary. (European ones).: your plan is commendable, see or in it take part: if the reaching of an aim promises by perseverance and unselfishness. (ind).: see: your striving will be recompensed, undertake: you have to make good a wrong.