Association: - Defenceless, - isolation. Question: - Which deep connections want I to enter? Psychologically: Orphan expresses the longing for security, emotional security and love. Moreover, she can embody those parts of the personality which one suppresses excessively. Specifically it is sometimes warned about a person who will let down one. Popular: (arab).: you longs for love, (European ones).: see: one is let down by a person in whom one has trusted, to one be related: it are new responsibility on by which it comes to the estrangement of friends and a person for whom one feels more than only friendship, become: one will find a loyal person to whom one can come with all his miseries, feel compassion with orphans: the worries will take more different a lot from the joy of life, (ind).: be: your life will be laboriously, however, in the second half of your existence sudden luck is given you, see: you have opportunity to help your people.