In general: To belong the participation at a choice whether in the area of the public or professional life, makes clear the wish and the ability of the dreaming, groups. If he is right by the majority, he accepts her rules. If he decides against the group, he wants to rebel. Psychologically: Perhaps, the dreaming questions the general appraisal of a choice as fair and fair. If he dreams of the fact that he is chosen, his wish for power appears with this dream. Spiritually: Spiritually seen, the dreaming with the unreserved acceptance from a little bit or somebody puts his whole trust in the thing or person. Popular: (arab).: go to one or see themselves in a polling booth: one will be soon put before a difficult decision which can affect under circumstances the whole life. (European ones).: between something: one should have more trust if hopes should come true, - one well lies in the running, nevertheless, is to be given, with one be present: one will bring himself in an unfavorable situation, an electoral hero be: if means the quick realisation of own plans and hopes. (ind).: you must question your conscience. (See also campaign, politician, voice)