Popular: (arab).: see: your plan succeeds, - also: you will direct your wedding, - also: Signs of a good marriage and financial prosperity, in it eggs or boy see: one will be soon glad about younger generation, from it eggs infer: Frustration in family affairs, get from it boy: heartless actions will make you in the eyes of good people contemptuous, see leaving: one should give some time to himself with the family foundation. (European ones).: see: if promises domestic luck, on the roof have: indicates at a blest household, look and find. meant a lot of joy and luck, with eggs: one will leave to you an inheritance, - child blessing, with boys: a lot of trouble and work, but joy thereby, destroy or exclude: by a lapse one will suffer heavy damage, with broken eggs or dead Jung's birds: very bad omen. (ind).: see with bird: your success is sure to you, with eggs or boys see: very big joy, exclude: domestic grief, the empty: you will soon found own home. (See also nest)