In general: Hide: Do not change permanently your setting or way of thinking. Psychologically: What one is hidden himself in the dream something from, before which one has certain fear in the awake life. Just as in the pursuit dreams one does not come round to put the monster and to manage that what it represents. Maybe one hides from shame or for lack of self-confidence? Popular: (arab).: something: you have to conceal something, to itself: you want to spy on somebody. (European ones).: have hidden something: it will happen to one a shame, hid things find: prophesied to an unexpected joy, hide: bad news will soon reach to one, - also: One will soon have to be responsible for a mistake which one has committed before longer time. If a young woman of hidden objects dreams, it will be an object of contradictory gossip, turn out, however, honourable. (See also ambush)