In general: The reason why one in the dream in a meeting or rally took part - either because one supported the aims of this political party or fought on the contrary - is decisive for the interpretation. In any case, is a certain rage of the Awake Ichs with in the play which needs of the investigation. Psychologically: Who hears talking to himself in a meeting, should not make in the everyday life so many words because one could estimate him, otherwise, as a chatterbox, anyway as a not very trustworthy person. Popular: (arab).: in general: your trouble will be vain, gather: you should hold your property together, take part in one: announces disagreeable differences with a business partner, - one has not perceived his interests, from it there result incommodities, observe as a spectator: are underestimated by his people and has the wish have to prove his abilities. (European ones).: see: points to an unusually active commercial life or a firm connection in the love, - also: one has not perceived his interests and thus some incommodities shall be solved, hold or are present at one: brings unpleasant discussions in the circle of acquaintances, chaotic or disagreeable ones: stands for disappointments, - a reminder is before the dangers in which one can rush slightly unnecessary-wise. (ind).: are present: you are in a danger. (See also speech, association)