Psychologically: Engagement is able to do longing for affection, Before and family embody, with married the need for a better partner respect. In general the wish for narrow interpersonal relations is expressed in it. Popular: (arab).: see: commit no follies, considers what you do, come: one might experience shortly in a dear matter a painfully disappointment, (European ones).: a bad omen, - protects you from silly pranks, - conflicts with the partner approach, for young people means an engagement that one is not admired very much, own engagement: a flirtation will come to a quick end, experience a foreign one or celebrate: a quick engagement or marriage approaches, - it brings married a nice friendship, solve one: one will act in important matters unthinkingly and hasty, - disappointments can follow, they see or the fiancées (n): a dispute is soon settled. (ind).: be: is not in such a way überklug, celebrate engagement: you will soon make wedding, see: now, finally, you seem to make amends.