In general: Questioning can request to more selfinvestigation. Specifically one indicates that one must catch up even more information before a decision or opinion education, so that one commits no mistake. Psychologically: The dreaming goes with himself hard to the court and questions the correctness of his behaviour. Beside this selfanalysis the wish for stronger inclusion can express itself by a questioning also in a community: One has to say something and needs listener. Popular: (arab).: do: you will discover a theft, - you have a certain suspicion, become: you will betray your thoughts, - also: you suffer from a bad conscience. (European ones).: about one inquiries are drawn, - it approach one many difficulties and a big disappointment, are loaded because of Vorsätzlichkeit: one cannot defend himself against wilful defamation, exist: you will commit a secret sin, do: one will be able to prove to a friend that one is a good listener. (ind).: are interrogated: your shops are involved a little bit, do: you will receive an advantage.