Popular: (arab).: be amused: you will experience some pleasant, experience: in your luck falls bitter news. (Persian): Dreaming somebody, he sings, dances, plays the flute or zither from desire and pleasure, tears and misery about him will come at that place. recited he or another with melodious voice, he will receive, is he who always, a good message, an even more favorable one if he hears reciting another. he will remit Looking this the emperor or a tallness, according to the melodious sound an order and meet with it with approval with the people, - the voice is disagreeable, the order will displease the people. Playing of a zither for the dance, he will find words which cause tears. Hearing of a zither play, he will hear lamentations, - he sings to the zither, he will hear a good message according to the melodious sound of the voice. (European ones).: the difficulties are valid as a loss on the day, - the more playful the cheerfulness , the greater. (ind).: be: your income will make amends, and your worry dwindles, others pleased see: avoid the people who speak too much.