Association: - Guilt, - shame, - powerlessness. Question: - Which internal fear threatens me? Psychologically: A dream in which one acts criminally - murder or only small occasional theft must be interpreted carefully. Who was the victim? One recapitulates as one felt in the dream with the action. Was one in the dream a thief? What and has from whom one stolen? Because in the dream world nothing is in such a way as it looks, the stolen can stand for something abstract. Accepted, one dreams of having stolen money from a colleague. Behind it envy on his position can be in the company, maybe also the wish to be carried along him. With a woman it can mean that she envies the robbed their appearance. Burglars in the dream can have sexual relations. A man who breaks in the dream in the flat of a woman wants to 'steal' there in reality (consciously or unconsciously) no objects, but something else. Popular: (arab).: see: must make themselves on some Widerwärtigkeiten calm, - perhaps, with the court get to act. (37, - 71) (European ones).: perceive: means that all discomfort and complaints will be fruitless, - the enterprises will be crowned by success. One will be able to count on the business partners. Everything runs correctly and substantially. (See also thief, burglar, accomplice)