In general: A two connection stands for the reconciliation of contrasts and the additional energy which arises from it. However, a connection for the purposes of a trade union symbolises collective action, to all advantaged. Connection (mostly with people) often asks to look in a matter for allies. Now and again she also warns about the wrong friends whom one may not simply trust. Psychologically: All people try to reach from the Dualit├Ąt to the unity, to produce a respect between two sides or contrasts. A dream which has such a union to the contents symbolises this respect. Psychologically looked, the person is always in search of a partner. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the connection is seen in the dream as a production by the unity which is understood again as a return to the origin. Popular: (arab).: go back: Impetus, come: Wedding, - also, - one can safely look in the future and will win new friends, a wrong connection on the telephone: one has fallen for somebody of whom one should free himself, or one was taken down. (European ones).: go back negatively: one will go towards to enemies, go back positively: one will be able to win new friends. (ind).: go back: you have had luck, your enemies could wear to you nothing.