Association: - Susceptibility, - exhibition. Question: - What is I to be received ready? In general: As a vessel for nice plants or flowers the vase and similar vessels in the dream often represent the female. In addition, she can also symbolise creativity. Psychologically: The taking up and receiving aspect of the female, intuitive side is embodied every now and then by a hollow object similar to vase. In addition, the vase can also be a symbol for secrets or for the female body par excellence. In this vessel one puts flowers, - translates: his best feelings, which is why it is often associated with sexual wishes. If the vase is empty, one finds no requited love, - we put in the dream flowers in, an up to now loose relation can harden. If we see a vase full with flowers standing before ourselves, this should mean a healthy sex life, - if, however, she breaks, one possibly separates from somebody whom one believed to love. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the vase stands in the dream for the big mother Popular: (arab).: see: new acquaintances make, - pleasant future, see an empty one: no success in the love achieve, with flowers in it: soon develop a hearty friendship to a dear person, - also: you love the beauty, shop: you will present somebody, receive: you are liked, break: Separation of a friend (friend) or annoyance by carelessness, - quarrel. (European ones).: one will enjoy his family life in full trains, - one should try, useful qualities in the person who loves to one to recognise, see: you will make yourself popular by auxiliary readiness, but lets you not use, see an empty one: if means a desperate inclination, with flowers see: an inclination is answered, - the meaning of the respective flowers is to be followed! from one drink: one will soon find love which one takes away from somebody to others, break: Loss of friends or female friends, - an inclination leaves saddening sensations, - early suffering, Getting a young woman in the dream a vase, her most internal wish will be soon fulfilled. (ind).: see: you take pleasure everywhere of big popularity, with nice flowers: you are liked very much, receive to the present: your wealth increases, break: you will lose friends or female friends. (See also archetypes, flower, 'vessel', 'cup', 'urn')