In general: A dream symbol for your own opinion in an important matter. Moreover: Their justice sense should be proved. Psychologically: Judgment shows often that one must compensate contradicting parts of own personality to become more calm again. Moreover, it can ask not to condemn other, but to aim at a reconciliation fair for all partners. If one himself falls a judgment, warns often about mistakes which can have heavy results. Popular: (arab).: hear: an unpleasant thing is concluded, are condemned: one should let in the next time the biggest care prevail, because in his nearness people stay who can also do substantial harm, - to him: one should be dragged onto a dishonourable thing which can cost the good call, pass even on somebody a sentence: one would like to rid himself of tiresome people or feels certain competitor not grown. (European ones).: account with itself or the environment, depending on who is a judge or defendant, - one can also be a judge and defendant at the same time, - hurried preparations for a trip about country, causes by the luck of a friend, fell: one is wrong in a thing, and the other is right, receive: tells worried days as a result of an uncertainty in, hear: some incommodities are to be mastered, hear reading out: one should do to nobody wrong, to the death or in perpetuity: one will be got involved in a little bit dubious matters and this costs the good call. (ind).: hear: watch out for a damage, fell: you are cantankerous, - you run in danger to do somebody to wrong, read: the jug goes so long to the well, until he breaks, this is also valid for you, - protects you from bad society. (See also court, judge)