Association: - intuitive, - magic identity, - ancient wisdom. Question: - Where in my life I try to come with the forces of the nature to harmony? In general: Every dream in which natives seem - people which live in another culture possibly in a family culture, draws the attention of the dreaming to easy life-styles. The natural feeling of the dreaming can appear in a manner, be wilder and rather uncivilised expresses. Psychologically: Every person has personality shares which remain arrested in a basic simplicity, all the same how he civilises may also be. Family cultures leave more freedom to the person maybe, in a way, and are less qualifying than, for example, the western culture. Hence, the expression of personal feelings is often easier for her members. On the other hand, a regular use of the power rules there, in the hierarchical sense as well as in spiritual regard. Spiritually: At the spiritual level natives show the symbol for the nearness to the earth and to the nature in the dream. Popular: (ind).: see: is no gate.