In general: If a dream of a storm acts, this is a tip to an emotional outburst. The dreaming possibly has the impression to be bombed with events or emotions. The dream symbol can also stand for suppressed fury. Psychologically: If the dreaming, has possibly in a respect, difficulties, a storm can get freeing. If a discussion is not measured in the everyday life, a storm in the dream can clean the 'emotional atmosphere'. Spiritually: At the spiritual level a storm in the dream symbolises creative strength. Flash and thunder are tools of the storm gods. Popular: (arab).: see: Quarrel and annoyance, hineingeraten: one is on the wrong way and should strive to turn back on time or to correct himself on time. (7, - 51) (European ones).: get in: one is on the wrong way and should turn back, - also: interesting and thrilling experiences before themselves have. (See also flash)