Psychologically: One does not know so surely whether it was wonderful a nightmare or, actually, nevertheless: One simply set, sank into the overpowering world of his feelings, instincts and sensory experiences. It was no boundless sinking into disastrous entanglements - by such 'luxuriant' dreams one has the chance to become acquainted anew and his needs, to realise them and not to set, 'nevertheless'. Popular: (arab).: Your love will not last long, experience a ship setting: Warning before risky enterprises, end of the world: Advent of a new period of life for what survived only must be dismissed. (European ones).: of a ship: one should not get involved in risky enterprises, an end of the world experience: now a new period of life begins, however, one should let go the old person. (ind).: long life. (See also ship)