Association: - Abundance in emotions. Question: - Which feelings are to me too much? In general: Dreams of floods refer because they frighten the dreaming, often on the freeing of positive energy there. As a rule it concerns a profit in suppressed or unaware feelings which must be got out of the way, before the dreaming can make real progress. If he is in the middle of a high water flood, this refers to the fact that he feels beaten from these emotions. If he observes, however how the high water spreads out, this selfcontemplation symbolises. A dream of a flood can point often also to depressions. Flood should warn after Old-Indian dream interpretation about financial difficulties. Deep-psychologically one interprets them as deliberate contents which flood the consciousness suddenly, - if the water to it looks murky, this can become dangerous. Psychologically: With the vision of the flood can be indicated that the dreaming is flooded by his feelings and impressions. However, this dream symbol can also be a very strong warning signal, namely when the unconscious threatens to flood the consciousness, - then the psyche is possibly in serious danger. A psychosis can take thus her beginning. If a dream of a flood acts, he is to be taken seriously anyway. If it is difficult for the dreaming as a rule to express itself with words, a dream of a high water can get him the possibility to deal in adequate manner with his fears and worries. Spiritually: A cycle is to an end, new begins. Old grief and emotional confusion become a further-washed. The head becomes clearer, and the way is cleaned forwards. Popular: (arab).: see: indicates at an unforeseen separation: one is demanded too much with his problems, - need and misery, - also: one might deal with a lot of obtrusive people who bother to one with all kinds of requests and wishes, experience: one will be asked by several people around help and support, besides, set: one must seriously already announce himself on the coping of the possible difficulties which can appear in future and to himself, prepare, run away before the water: one runs away before himself. (European ones).: certain feelings and desires become immoderate and under circumstances dangerous, - indicates events which might touch you particularly in the business area near, - unfavorably for dear affairs losses of all kind, - one avoids disputes, see or experience: tells an obtrusive visit or traffic with an obtrusive person in, towns or regions are flooded by dark tearing water: if big misfortune and death means by an awful disaster, people are carried away by the flood: if promises grief and desperation which make the life pointless a big area flooded with clear water: if profit and carelessness announces after apparently desperate fights with the destiny. with one the water see flowing into the room: if misfortune and quarrel, means with clear water a distinguished visit or special profit, with murky water flee from it: one is on the run before himself. (ind).: see: your believers push you or also: you get in strife with your members. (See also 'river', 'sea', 'stream', 'water')