Popular: (arab).: common women's rooms mean truffles because truffles neither on top sheets nor below roots have. Finding somebody 1, two or three truffles, he will gather with also many common women, - these are up to ten truffles, it concerns the same women's rooms, - these are of those even more or without number, he will cover accordingly money of bad women. Seeming it him, he gets a truffle with the second, smaller, he will marry a woman whom a daughter brings into marriage. roasted truffles eat wealth of a woman, at the same time, however, misery promises because of the power of the fire. Eating of cooked truffles, he will attain also wealth, but a lower one, because with the cooking water stops. hidden of truffles somewhere and he knows their number, he will grant to whores hiding place, - he does not know how many truffles are it, he will pocket money of bad women's rooms. eat: it would like to be something special. (ind).: you will lead a luxuriant life.