In general. A dream in which a safe or a safe deposit cassette appears could comment on the personal security: Does one feel sure in the awake life? If one locked away valuables in the dream and has laid in a safe, this can be a simile for the respect with the life partner or with the children. Does one treat this maybe like a possession? Psychologically: A symbol for raised security need - but also for the fact that one himself works 'how a safe deposit': A lot to closed and outdistances, every internal emotion is hidden: 'As it looks there in it, something concerns nobody.' You look possibly so loose on other people and accessible like a safe. Popular: (European ones).: see: meant security before disheartening matters in the business and in the love, try to open one: one will worry because the plans do not mature fast enough, emptier: prophesies difficulties. (See also money, cashbox)