In general: Tragbahre can announce a misfortune if one himself lies on it. If one carries them, one will be able to derive from a mi├člichen situation, nevertheless, still benefit. Psychologically: If the helplessness mostly circumscribes in the awake life. If one himself lies on it, one needs help - this can be in the occupation or in the interpersonal relations, - in any case, one will not master presently upcoming without foreign support. If another on the Tragbahre lies, we should help a being close person to get over something which depresses him. Popular: (arab).: warning before a traffic accident. (European ones).: announces a misfortune in close future, see: one should be sure of a success not to, on one lie: it will fail a little bit, carry themselves one: during a misfortune bringing thing one will be able to save what is to be saved. (ind).: see: you will suffer a misfortune. (See also stretcher)