In general: A dead person's awake gives to the person the opportunity to say goodbye properly to a dead and to feel his grief really. If the dreaming in his dream is present at such an event, this is a tip to the fact that there is possibly a reason in his life to admit grief. He must learn to let go this what is dear to him and expensive. Psychologically: In most societies the surviving relatives let out her feelings freely. Sometimes this falls in society and with support other lighter. If a dream of such a company acts, this shows that the dreaming possibly needs support to overcome a disappointment. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the dead person's awake stands in the dream for a deliberate Abnabelungsproze├č. Popular: (European ones).: take part even in one: one will sacrifice an important respect for an indecent rendezvous, Seeing a young woman her lover on a dead person's awake, she will be able to be let thrill risk by passionate feelings and her good call.