Psychologically: Remembrance ceremony and funeral meal show parties which have no happy occasion. Still you mark like most parties a crossing. The old person is up died and must be dismissed appropriately that the new place finds. Thus one said in former times: The king is dead, long live the king! If you look after how you characterise the dead person, then one tip gives you to what must die to create for a little bit new place. On this occasion, mostly it concerns a quality or behaviour pattern. With the remembrance ceremony and the funeral meal the family and many relatives meet. It can concern, on this occasion, also a symbol for family connection. Every meeting with the death in the dream raises in the interpretation also the question: What gives to bury it or to let go? What must be finished now? And in allusion on the 'death' as a reaper: What can be harvested now? What should be to be harvested in the actual end of life? (See also funeral meal)