Psychologically: Tomato stands for passionate, often concealed love, as well as fertility. If one harvests them, points to a matured personality. If we eat them in the dream, points to a good relation to a certain person. Spiritually: It is a dear symbol. Popular: (arab).: see: you think of one dear hour, - (26, - 42) eat: forbidden love. (9, - 39) (European ones).: see: if secret love tells in, - sign for the comfortable circumstances which one will reach by own strains see growing: one may be glad about private harmony, pick, prepare or eat: a secret relationship will have undesirable results, eat: one is blest with good health, - also: one is to be risked in the concept a side jump, however, this can have undesirable results, Seeing a young woman ripe tomatoes, her one happy marriage with her man of dreams approaches. (ind).: secret love. (See also farmer,' vegetables ',' food ',' Red')