In general: A thermometer in the dream is means to judge warmth and feelings of the dreaming. Maybe he is unsafe to himself as he can establish the contact with other people, and a sort of external measure needs. A clinical thermometer symbolises the emotional warmth of the dreaming, an outside thermometer refers to his intellectual abilities. Thermometer indicates a chill or violent temperament, coldness or feeling warmth. Sometimes it also warns about unreliability. Psychologically: If nothing deals with an illness in the real life. The temperature which we can read on the thermometer in the dream points to one On and From in a friendship or long-term relationship or on whether we ask after a little bit violently or react chilly. The thermometer in the dream makes clear the dreaming that he sometimes needs an external judgement to recognise, where from he comes. A thermometer in the dream can turn out as a very reassuring device. Spiritually: At this level a thermometer in the dream is a tip to the fact that all doubts have resolved. Now the dreaming knows exactly in which he is. Popular: (arab).: look: your disposition is unsteady and you change your love. (European ones).: the life becomes diverse his with many trips and changes of the position, - if the thermometer fair weather registers it is better than with stormy, - also: Friends are unreliable, check approaches, igneous, dynamic people have a raised temperature, quiet people close to the earth have a middle temperature, very sensitive and tenderhearted people mostly freeze a little bit. (ind).: hard check are imposed on you, - unsteady relations. (See also fever)