Association: - Lives outside, - connection between self-and nature. Question: - At which place of themselves do I try to come with the nature to harmony? In general: Terrace can announce a visit. Often she stands for plans which one should tackle and successfully finishes. Psychologically: Symbol for a private and, nevertheless, for other 'overlookable' place: One shows that one has to hide nothing - not even 'with himself at home'. One makes his private life (Partly) 'public), presents his qualities and habits of the outside world. Popular: (arab).: see: you expect dear visit, stand on it: good views have. (European ones).: joy, friendship and entertainment, - also: on account of an inheritance one will take a higher position see: a good time to the plan make approaches, stay on one: by a good idea one will have advantages. (ind).: see: Friends will come visit you.