In general: If the dreaming receives in his dream a telegramme, this is a tip to a communication under special circumstances. It refers to the fact that a part of itself tries to give him in a manner information which he will remember. If the dreaming a telegramme surrenders, this can mean that he would like to meet a statement about himself as she would not be possible to him on verbal way. Telegraph (telegramme) announces a news, surprise or news which arrives unexpectedly. With the telegramme one will mostly frighten at it. Psychologically: Telegrammes are as a rule the bearers of especially bad or especially good news. If the dreaming receives in his dream a telegramme in which is congratulated him on the wedding, this can refer to the fact that he longs for marrying. A telegramme with bad news can draw the attention of him to something what he already knows at a deeper level. Who cannot read the text on it, rushes in the awake life maybe in a rather opaque adventure. If we read the text exactly, we can take from it other clues for the analysis. If we send away a telegramme, points to hasty action. Spiritually: Every written news stands in connection with knowledge which is made handy, - in this case it concerns spiritual knowledge. Popular: (arab).: receive: unexpected things get to know, - also: Death. (European ones).: point to quick changes which come up on one, receive with negative accompanying visions: announces a fright, - failure, surrender, send: voyage, - one will miss an end, - also: a sign that one will become estranged from somebody nearby - shops can run disappointing, sit even in the ticker and send: the bad news will concern only others. (ind).: receive: you will frighten yourself at something, surrender: you must make important decisions. (See also letter, fax, news)