Association: - Susceptibility. Question: - What is I to be received ready? In general: All containers, now it is a cup, a pot or a cup, own a similar symbolism: They refer to a receptive state in which intuitive information can be taken up. Psychologically: The cup is, how all the other vessels (see there) to provide psychoanalytic with female portents. If we drink from it, we probably hope for an erotic event, we break a cup, we will maybe snap a heart. The broken cup can also circumscribe, admittedly that we do not have (now) any more all cups in the cupboard, us presently a little bit deprive moved. If the dreaming opens for his female side, he is able to do help and support give as well as accept. Spiritually: At the spiritual level the cup stands for female consciousness, immortality and the intuitive and sensitive use of the fullness. Popular: (arab).: empties see or from it drink: announce close visit, full ones: an unexpected visit will bother you, drink from it: forthcoming being together with a person to whom one will probably catch an inclination, shop: you get visit, wash: in disputes get, - one criticises you, break: Annoyance and frustration, - break with a friend or a beloved person. (European ones).: purely sexually to understand, - vessels mean wishes, see one or from it drink: promise visit, particularly from ladies or a friend, an empty one: if is a bad sign, - monetary shortage, see a full one: if is a sign of prosperity, drink from it: one soon becomes with a person a being together, and it could become more from it, break one: the visit of a friend will be from big advantage, - also: with a friend or a beloved person it comes to the break. (ind).: see: you will receive lady visitor, break: Quarrel with friends, wash away: a lot of visit comes to the house, cup, completely: Their present satisfaction is justified. (See also 'vessel', 'breaking')