In general: Handkerchief can stand for resignation and separation which hurts very much. Popular: (arab).: you will pour tears of joy. (49 ( (European ones).: flirtations and chance acquaintances forecast , - somebody has a present for one, use: a resignation approaches, lose: an enterprise fails without own guilt, torn ones: stands for problems in the love, - a reconciliation is unlikely, if not even impossibly, dirty ones: one is enticed by thoughtless connections, white handkerchiefs in amounts: one will resist flatteries and reaches to true love as well as married state. coloured handkerchiefs: means that one manages his enterprises, although these are virtuous not strictly, with such cleverness that they will cause no damage, of silk see: Their winning, charismatic kind emits in her whole cheerfulness on others, so that one almost draws the luck, of A young woman who waves with the handkerchief on parting or uses it as a registration number a questionable pleasure is prophesied, - possibly she must suffer disgrace to be able to keep her unusual joys. (ind).: to strife at your home, of silk: Frustration in the family, knows: you can be happy.