Psychologically: Fir is often a phallic symbol which indicates sexual needs. In the other sense the need for harmony and quiet joy is expressed in it. A high fir should also promise a long life. The fir allows to remind most dreaming immediately of the Christmas tree, and with it she also symbolises the harmony and a pleasant mood in the circle of his family. Popular: (arab).: in general: indicates at honour and respect, - comfort and joy, - one will be allowed to count on his friends and may always trust her advice and help, - long life, see a single one: points to directness and simplicity of a person to whom Li> us meets, fir wood: if health and security promises for a begun enterprise, see felling: considerable difficulties approach in the dear life. (European ones).: like all trees as a power symbol to understand, - a pleasing position promises in the life, see: if a quiet, but nice joy promises, - one will meet a very frank, honest person, see a fir wood: one has begun something that to a security can bring, - the health is stable. (ind).: see: you will take pains in vain to improve your situation, high and green: long life. (See also tree, conifer, wood)