In general: Slide road symbolises the envy of the people after old dream interpretation because one has a lot of luck and success. Psychologically: The slide road in the dream explains everlasting On and From with which most people are confronted in the course of her life, - indeed, an instantaneous situation can be also meant with it. This road sometimes is also a level ice rink on which one makes again and again his slide attempts. Then it lies in the stability (the character!) of the dreamer whether he affords a gaffe or not in the awake life. Popular: (arab).: you makes many pointless issues, - pleasure registers that one will look, however, later than pointless waste of time, - also: do not get involved in decayed things which bring you on the skew road. (European ones).: see: one dedicates himself to a pleasure that pure time waste is, - one should not get involved in unsafe things which would lead to one on the 'skew road'. slide happily down: The life will take an absolutely unexpected idiom. A lot of fun and joy of life will accompany to one. (ind).: envious person will surround you, because to you the luck came after long search to the house.