Psychologically: Turnip can stand as a phallic symbol for sexual needs. If one harvests them or consumes, promises the often joy and prosperity which one has to owe to the luck as well as own strain, - above all yellow turnips are understood in this sense. Sales of turnips can announce against it failures and absurdity with concentrated efforts. Popular: (arab).: see: Luck in the love have, - can count on good news, see a very big one: one is whole with his present life development to enclose, red ones: happy hours approach in the family circle, - also: you have lovesickness, red and yellow, in general: good health, yellow ones: one will have to be patient a little bit, before one can harvest the fruits of his work, - also: Your jealousy is groundless. One is loyal to you. white ones: happy, happy days, - also, - for woman, one see: a complication in the love appears in outlines, grow: slow commercial progress, harvest: your income increases, - good success of your shops, cut: your works find no recognition, see peel or peeling: Travesty and mockery will hurt you, cook: your thoughts go unauthorised ways, eat: wrong speculations pursue, - you will have to economise, see eating: one has to count on unfavorable development of his existence, - ( feed: you put on your money gainful. (European ones).: as a sexual symbol to understand if women and young men dream of it, - with older men often in contemptuous sense meant, - disappointments and irritation, turnip seed: stands for future rise, see in general: Annoyance and worries will take up the thoughts in the next time, red ones see: mean luck in the love or prosperity, further speculations will succeed, growing ones: one will improve his views and one will be able to be glad about the success very much, harvest: one will bring his lamb in the dry, split: one will improve the possibilities and increase thereby the success, prepare and afterwards eat: a speculation of material or ideal kind will succeed, eat: if a bad health promises, - nevertheless, a little bit questionable material action will still succeed, eat the green of the turnips: if a sign is for bitter disappointments, sell: one will be mocked, white ones: if signs mean danger, - in women's dreams also for complications in the love, yellow or red ones: bring to joy, - luck in family and with friends, - stable health, with a young woman means the sowing of turnip seed that she will inherit a big property and get an attractive man. (ind).: yellow ones: you must have to suffer a lot of suppression, white ones: you come to danger, red ones: Health, eat: you will come to unfavorable relations, harvest: you are a good landlord, cut: Separation, to the cattle feed: you make a good speculation, peel: you will be mocked.