In general: Raisins stand often for dying feelings and hopes which one must give up. Now and again she registers that one tries without enjoying a lot of trouble the convenient sides of the life, however, besides, will fail. Psychologically: One wants to get 'the raisins from the cake' - itself 'sweet advantages' get, one places little value on the everyday. No miracle that then one says one would have 'raisins in the head' - one wants the special. Popular: (arab).: see or eat: Sufferings and sorrowful times in the love expect you, - also: Annoyance and quarrel with his neighbours have. (European ones).: means that one will lose money, by carelessness dried always means past, ex-friend, died, many see or eat: points to material restrictions by preceding waste, - one should be more sparing, - crude setbacks in preserved hopes, although they were already almost realised, see one: one will get to know shortly somebody who will exercise a big attraction on one, with cook use: meant different small presents, see in a cake or in such eat: promises favorable opportunities, get out of a cake and eat: one will not succeed in coming through only with the convenient sides of the life. (ind).: eat. you will get quarrel with the neighbours.