Association: - quick, effortless advancement, - nervous tickle. Question: - Which new freedom irritates me? In general: Roller skate asks partly to exert itself more and to waste no time, however, can warn also about haste, - this refers to concrete living conditions. Popular: (arab).: others see running: you hang too much on old prejudices, run: you take the life, nevertheless, a little bit too easily. (European ones).: see: in a thing haste is offered if one also does not want to have checking,-: point to excellent health, - one is enthusiastically about the pleasure which one can give other, run: meant disadvantages by hasty decisions, other roller skate see running: somebody will preempt to one, - one was lately too slow in the thinking and action, (ind).: run: you hang too much on the recollections, dedicates you rather to the present problems.