Association: - low, - passions. Question: - Which signals do I send out? In general: Rock stands mostly for erotic needs, - the exact meaning often arises from the following accompanying circumstances: elegant women's rock points with men to an erotic adventure, he promises women that they will conquer the beloved man. of dirty, sordid or torn rock warns about a brief dear affair which damages to the call and ends with a disappointment. too narrow and/or short rock can point with men to a dubious affair, women about obtrusiveness warn in which they are not innocent. too wide or long rock announces that one get because of a love relationship in embarrassment or in the gossip will come. one interprets petticoat always as a strong need for sexual intercourse. man's rock is connected with men with occupation and money, - he is elegant, the success announces, otherwise failures and losses. With women makes clear the man's rock which looks elegant, the wish for a love relationship, - the sordid one or a torn rock against it warns about disappointments, blotchy before a bad call by a dear affair. Popular: (arab).: of a woman: a present get, men frock coat, brighter: one despises you, men frock coat, black: you will make progress in the occupation by big strain, very precious: you will come to wealth and respect, decorated: you go to a wedding, shop: you will get a new post, sell: you must economise, - misery and poverty, pull, for woman: Pleasure, pull, frock coat for man: you have to make an important way, depart: your trouble brought no success, waits, of a coated be: Security in the life, too more narrowly: you will come to bad call, more torn: you will come to miserable relations, - also: your marriage is not in order, tear: a business misses, - quarrel in the love, mend: you try to cause a reconciliation, - if patience, has receive given: you will be made happy by unknown hand, see washing: you will get a diligent housewife, - cleanliness and diligence, wash: you rid yourself of your enemies, of full spots: Defamation, dirtier: Annoyance, defamation and derision, - also: you have committed an indecent action. (European ones.): (Women's rock) primarily in his sexual meaning to understand, afterwards in his social meaning with rank differentiations, (in the women's dream): see one: the next exit or visit will be from particular importance, see a nice and elegant one: one will succeed with the other gender, see a sordid or torn one: tells a failure with the other gender in, see a narrow or to short ones: the obtrusiveness of a man is to be feared in which one is not quite innocent, see to hand a wide or: one will get in an embarrassing embarrassment, see a blotchy one: there threatens a defamation, (in the man's dream): see one: it is a woman in the play, see a nice and elegant one: if a winning conquest, promises see a sordid and torn one: one will experience a disappointment, see to confine a short or: points to an unserious meeting, see a remarkably wide or blotchy one: one will come by a women's history to the gossip, petticoat: means in all dreams intimacies, (Man's rock) (in the women's dream): see one: it is a man in the play, see a nice and elegant one: one will meet a winning admirer, see a sordid and torn one: one will experience a disappointment, see a blotchy one: one will be compromised by a male friend, (in the man's dream): see a nice and elegant one: an external success shall be registered, see a sordid or torn one: financial difficulties will give a hard time to one, not more suitably: in business or occupation something will not clap. (ind).: brighter: if avoids that who want to overthrow you in the misfortune smaller: you will come to bad call, black: you are carried in your office, more narrowly or more torn: Need, more nicely, more elegantly: tells good relations in, search his rock and do not find: meant disgrace, of full spots: indicates at defamation. (See also clothes, rock feed)