In general: One interprets cattle mostly as strong sexual Triebhaftigkeit or acquisitiveness. If one stretches it before a carriage, one will reach by hard work to prosperity. If one kills the animal, one is warned about bigger issues and losses. Artemidoros: Working cattle bring all luck, while cattle mean excitement and defamations of character in the herd because of her name. (Nastily = cattle and periboeseis = defamation of character (from gust = shouting, confusion).) Popular: (arab).: see one: is careful towards spiteful people, many see: good profit views, see coming up menacingly to himself: be revealed to the attacks of his enemies, shop: the shops rise, sell: Commercial loss and deception. see slaughtering: your hopes remain unfulfilled. (European ones).: sexual symbol of the male strength and intensive Triebhaftigkeit, with long horns and bad look: if enemies, embody one or several cattle on the pasture see: Enlargement of the family life, - sends a reminder to the gratitude, - Li> means material rise, see a herd of cattle: if successful shops and dependable friends announce, cattle in the stable see: promises a material favorable household, see in the team: if promises successful work, the wild or going through: a bigger expenditure approaches, black ones see: Signs for business annoyance, black with big horns see running away: you have mighty enemies, see themselves with the cattle desire: Signs for hard work, in the slaughter-house: tells material losses in, prepare beef or eat: in an area which lies very much with the heart success is to be expected, well in the feed the standing cattle who graze contently on a juicy pasture: if prosperity and luck promise by a mind-related partner, thin, dilapidated ones see: it stands out a life of full efforts and plague because one wastes all energy on unpleasant details, - one should change his life, in wild panicky fear: one must muster all his strength to steer the career in the right direction, cows at the milking time see: one will reach big prosperity, - dear joys, wave to a young woman afterwards cows with bulging udder milk: the luck or immense wealth waits on one, - a calf has drunk the milk before: one could lose by negligence the darling or precious property, calves see: one will win high social prestige and the heart of a loyal friend, - in professional regard high sales proceeds are to be expected, - in professional regard high sales proceeds are to be expected, - in the love a respectable connection is in view, - thin calves: one may expect the same, however, must fight harder for it, (ind).: see: your business will blossom. (See also cow, milking, ox, bull, animals)