Association: - Formula, - pattern. Question: - What learn I to do or to produce? In general: If one dreams of a recipe which the doctor gave to one, then this can be an advice as one can correct a special situation or influence. One needs a thorough examination of his personal weaknesses and should demonstrate nothing more to himself about that. Psychologically: Recipe should announce wrong news after old dream books. Partially it also shows that one should search a middle course between resisting psychic contents or must watch out for an easy patent recipe for the false solution of problems. In the dream recipes often contain a tip to really effective remedies which one could use just well - or on the other 'salutary things' which could increase the attitude to life. Recipes in the dream are a sign for good life recipes after which we should be directed. One can read the recommended behaviour patterns often from the symbols which are included in the dream recipes. Popular: (arab).: one wants to cheat you, - (61, - 90) read one: one will soon see an existing need reduced, prescribe themselves for somebody one: one means it with somebody well and would like to stand to him with words and deeds aside. (European ones).: one should prevent an illness rather than cure them, - one will receive wrong news, - also: a nice time lies before one, - if is on the care before other person except the close friends, receive: one should carry out an honest examination of own weaknesses. (ind).: agree: you will receive wrong news. (See also cooking)