In general: Revolver often warns against wanting to force something in a matter. Now and again he also indicates that one had reached long ago to a result if one had more determination and energy. Psychologically: It depends on whether his magazine of full cartridges is or whether it is to empty floors what could point to the power and the efficiency of the dreamer. Popular: (arab).: you will defeat your enemies, - also: you will catch the thief of your honour, see themselves with one: one should be careful, so that one does not make himself fight-incapable at the end even. (European ones).: is valid as a recompense to daring courage with which we will overcome some danger, see: one tries to put through a thing by force, hold one: sends a reminder to the care, now one should be more careful, otherwise one makes himself fight-incapable, are threatened by one or are fired: by the bold stroke of another or by a sudden event one will suffer damage or losses, aim with it at somebody: one will draw in a matter definitely the short straw, even with one shoot at somebody: in a thing one will draw the short straw, If a young woman her darlings with a revolver sees, then she will separate from him. (ind).: own: you could have defeated your enemies for a long time, but you are too slow. (See also gun, weapon)