In general: Racecourse (burst) can warn about property losses by speculations or announce that one is outstripped by a person or is done down even. Popular: (arab).: (to the race) see or enter: your wishes will move in wide distance, - also: one should take in eight that the money does not melt away between the fingers, - also: it might be to be counted on some excitement during the next weeks, see a rapid one: one must watch out for hasty decisions, - also: mindless statements will cause greatest trouble. (European ones).: the considerable difficulties which one would like to solve by force - also pass in the background: Pleasure and prosperity are the continual companions for one, - nevertheless, the morality is questioned by the narrowest friends, see: in a matter it is a matter of paying attention that to one another does not preempt, - one will have to count on some excitement during the next weeks, see green lawn: interesting matters will tie up to one, take part in a running: one will miss a connection. (ind).: see: your property decreases. (See also Jockey, horses)