Psychologically: Rider can point to selfoverestimation and arrogance, then one sits on a high horse. However, maybe he also requests to steer all qualities which the riding animal embodies, more by the mind. Spiritually: In the neutestamentlichen' revelation of Johannes' there are four riders: The rider on the white horse is Christ himself, - the rider on the blazing red horse is the war, - the rider on the black horse with the venturing in the hand is the hunger, - the rider on the greenish horse is the plague! Popular: (arab).: even one on horseback be: you will come to honour and dignity, experience himself in a sharp ride: one goes hunting after a hallucination and should reflect on the realities, see one: it threatens by disharmony quarrel with a relative, - also: one wants to snatch away from you your luck, see falling: Damage, - also: you get bad news, help up him: Luck, see descending: you will lose a friend, - also: your hopes do not come true, (European ones).: trustworthiness and honourary posts, see: meant for girl and women a secret flirtation, for men important news, see one: the respect grows and in the career one can climb upwards, bad riders see who want to ride, but do not understand the horse riding: Issues or losses, Sunday riders see: Acquaintance with people make who want to be more than they are, ride in the quick gallop: one goes hunting to a delusive aim behind and should develop more reality sense. (See also horse, horse riding)