In general: If the passport in the dream plays a role, is a signal of own subconsciousness that one has 'free journey' for a project in the reality. If one has lost in the dream, however, his passport or he had run off, one is not ready for a certain enterprise or decision yet or so far. The same is valid if one can pass a border in the dream freely. If one is not let pass, however, one must consider who hinders or what to one in the life or hides. Psychologically: A passport serves the purpose to prove the identity of a person. If the dreaming has difficulties in the awake state maybe to maintain a good self-image, then the passport in the dream maybe serves him to make sure his itself. A passport in the dream can also symbolise the permission for the dreaming to deal with new things or to open in new scopes. Spiritually: At this level spiritual consciousness can be a 'passport' for a full life. Popular: (arab).: you has shops with the foreign countries. (European ones).: one understands above an inevitably become way out, see the own: if a trip tells in, - local change, see a foreign one: means difficulties with authorities or worries in connection with the trip of an another, passport control: one will be hindered by higher power in his freedom of movement. (See also name,' passport')