In general: On the right is never to be understood in the dream as a political setting. As as a rule with the right hand is written and is traded, the side of the consciousness, the spiritual interests and activity means on the right in the dream. On the right a tip to a male point of view can also be in the dream. The individual meaning arises from the respect with other symbols in the dream and from the individual living conditions. Psychologically: If in a dream strongly the 'right side' (hand, body half, seat order is stressed at a table, road choice at a crossroad etc.), it is to be understood as a tip to the qualities which one ascribes to the right hemisphere: e.g.: Activity. Abilities of getting through, logical thinking, professionalism etc. Seldom, but if it the connection of the dream action proves, can symbolise 'the rights' also political contents. Popular: (arab).: she has seen a woman a ring in her right hand, the intention to enter a firm connection with a man. (6, - 14) (See also link, positions)